Enjoy making our most popular gummy bears at home with this healthy creative kit!! 
The kit comes with 2 silicone bear molds that make 50 bears each, a dropper, 6TB of grass fed beef gelatin, (3) 4oz jars of all natural bear making mixture (ACV, Turmeric, Beets & Berries) & instructions!  This kit will make over 150 gummies! 
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The jars from the mix are labeled and ready for use when your gummies are set and ready! 
Just heat mixture, stir in gelatin and fill bear molds on a cookie sheet, transfer to the refrigerator and wait until your bears are set and ready, pop them out to enjoy a super Yummy Gummie that is great for your health!! 
Gummies require refrigeration and need to be enjoyed within 2 weeks of making. 
Great gift idea for kids, tweens and adults! 
Ships nationwide!

DIY Gummy Bear Kit


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