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  • What is the difference between the 4 top elderberry syrup blends??
    Great Question!! Our REGULAR BLEND was created with picky kids in mind, as a pediatric therapist that has specialized in feeding for over a decade, I realized quickly that clove is most likley the culprit. We cut the clove and kept all of the amazingness that elderberry has to offer! Our PLUS SYRUP has the same ingredients as our regular PLUS ECHINACEA (an awesome bacterial and viral suppressor) ROSE HIPS (high in vitamin C), PLANTAIN LEAF and CLOVE (great for respiratory support) We call this blend our cootie killing ninja in a bottle!! Our SEASONAL SYRUP is amazing at not only supporting your immune system but it's a super star allergy easer! It was made for Spring and Summer, so we cut out the cinnamon and clove and added more citrus, ROSE HIPS (high vitamin C), STINGING NETTLE (a great histamine reducer) also a great source of plant-based iron to help combat anemia, MARSHMALLOW ROOT (good mucilage, aka great throat coater to address postnasal drip, but guess what? It doesn't just coat your throat! It coats from "the rooter to the tooter" and is phenomenal for gut health) and PLANTAIN LEAF for respiratory support. Our SOOTHING SYRUP is our newest blend was created to combat stress, anxiety and support healthy sleep! One of our clients affectionately calls it his " Dream Juice" and takes it nightly! This is great for any time of day really and boasts the boosted benefits of organic Lavendar, Chamomile and Lemon Grass. You cannot have a good immune system if you are stressed so we decided to make one that can officially handle both of those issues, allowing you do all things you were created to do without having to slow down and take sick days! All of the above are sweetened with local unfiltered honey But Guess What??? There are 2 more blends! Sugar Free: Great for diabetics, keto lovers, etc. its sweetened with organic monk fruit and erythritol. Date Sweetened: Great for ppl under 1 yr of age (6mo+), vegans, and those with honey allergies!
  • How many servings are in each bottle?
    Need to know how many bottles to get to adequatley care for yourself and your family? 8oz: 2 week adult serving size (1TB daily) 1 month supply for 1 child (1Tsp) 16 oz jar: 1 month supply for 1 adult (1TB daily) 3 month supply for 1 child (1Tsp) 1 month supply for 3 children (1 Tsp) DIY syrup kit: 32-40oz is a great option for a 1 month supply for a family of 4-5 (2 adults and 2 children families also often purchase 3 16oz bottles. we also offer a monthly subscription that offers a discount and allows you to have the freedom of worrying about having enough syrup.
  • What is the recommended serving size?
    Recommended use: Children 1 year + 1-2 per day. Adults 2-4 per day. For precautionary use - increase serving to take every 4 hours as symptoms are present until they dissipate. **If you start to feel any cold/flu symptoms, serving amount stays the same, but may increase to every 2-4 hours as needed.
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    Yes! We love offering our products to local retailers!! Do you own a business? Reach out we would love to get you a wholesale catalog and some yummy samples!
  • What is your local pickup policy?
    Local pick up in Pearland 77584. We also have our products in our newest Retail location, where we manufacture our products! 5517 Broadway Suite L, Pearland, TX 77581 Check out our Retailer section to see where else you can find our stuff! We also offer shipping on most of our products. Do you know of a place that you would love to see our products? let us know!
  • How do you color your products?
    We color our products with boosted berries – there is no food dye or colorants in our products.
  • What ingredients are in your Elderberry gummies?
    Elderberry (flu fighters to boost immunity) Ingredients: organic dried elderberries, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic Meyer lemon zest, organic orange zest, local raw unfiltered honey and grass fed pasture raised beef gelatin
  • What ingredients are in your Tummy Tamer Shots?
    Tummy Tamer (stomach big fighter) Ingredients: Organic coconut water, Concord grape juice, activated charcoal, Organic Ginger.
  • What type of licenses do you have?
    All our products are made with a manufacturing license in a state licensed commercial kitchen. And all employees have their food handler's license. All of our syrups have also been tested at Texas A&M University and we are proud to announce that they graduated with honors.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Payment: All major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Do you issue refunds?
    Refunds: there are no refunds, each of these orders are custom handcrafted for you and cannot be refunded, we will make every attempt to accommodate.
  • Do you offer local classes?
    Classes: The Boosted Berry offers scheduled fee-based classes periodically to promote health and wellness. Space is limited and the classes fill up fast. Spots are on a first come first saved basis. All scheduled classes may be found on our Facebook page (YummyGummies 4 U/The Boosted Berry) or on our website under the Workshops section.
  • What sizes do you offer for your products?
    Currently, Our elderberry syrup comes in 8 and 16oz size. Our DIY elderberry syrup kits make 32-40 oz.
  • Do you offer monthly subscriptions?
    Yes we do!!! Our monthly subscriptions allow you to get the syrup you love EVERY month at a discounted rate! Our monthly subscriptions go out every 15th of the month for pick up and are shipped (Monday-Wednesday). Our monthly subscriptions are easy to sign up for! Look for the Subscribe and Save option on our Shop tab! Once you click on it, it will take you to a Subbly website where you can create your own account, choose which blend you want, how many bottles and if you want to pick up or have it shipped directly to your door! YOU CONTROL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION and can modify, skip and cancel at any time!
  • What is the shelf life of your boosted berry syrup?
    The shelf life on our syrups is 1 year! It is also NOW SHELF STABLE! You can store it in your pantry but needs to be refrigerated once you open it! That means you can stock up and be sure to stay berry boosted!!
  • Do you offer fundraisers?
    We are so glad you asked!! YES!! we offer in person Boosted Berry Bashes with our beautiful Boosted Berry Mobile Boutique, or you can fundraiser sign ups the old-fashioned way. You will earn 20% toward your group/organization of choice and help keep our community berry boosted! Ask us how!
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