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"I love The Boosted Berry products so much that my family is now using them.  We love the Elderberry plus syrup. And I just recently started using the mask mist, which is amazing. My daughter  even uses these products and she is 9 yrs old."

"Elderberry Plus syrup is life changing! I noticed a difference in my seasonal allergies after one day. I took the syrup faithfully for three months. When I ran out of syrup I decided to try using an over the counter elderberry supplement instead. How different could it be? Sadly, all of my allergy symptoms returned! It's time for me to place another order for Elderberry Plus. It's the real deal."

"Ashpy Review ~ Organic Elderberry Syrup!!!!! Received a Yumtastic 5 out of 5!!!!For me presentation and TASTE are paramount and she did not disappoint!!! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! It reminds me of Delaware Punch, shoots me n hubbi almost turned-up its soo yummy, lol!!!"

"My children 3-12 years old LOVE the syrup and the gummies!! The hardest part is sticking to the recommended serving sizes! They put the YUM in Yummy Gummies 4U/The Boosted Berry!"

"My son was on multiple allergy medications that weighed him down with side effects and did not alleviate his allergies. we use the SEASONAL syrup and there is no longer snot on my walls or those pesky side effects that slowed him down from being a kid!"

"Since we have started using this amazing syrup in our family we have not been sick with the seasonal illnesses we were used to being burdened by! Take this syrup daily!!"

"I LOVE the turmeric gummies!! They help so much with joint inflammation and have a great taste!!"

"The DIY Gummy Kit is SO MUCH FUN to make!!! Super easy and it SHIPS!!Get yours today, you wont regret it!!" 

"The DIY KIT is not ONLY EASY to make, it makes A LOT of syrup and is great if you need to modify the sweetener!!"

"The teas are impressive!! Not only are they filled with high quality ingredients they are functional and taste great!!!"

"This company was founded by a mother who wanted better health for her family. I took a kombucha class and turned my kitchen into a laboratory of the best-tasting kombucha ever.  I love the DIY elderberry kits as I truly love feeling as if I have “made” my batch. I use erythritol and monk fruit rather than honey since I am doing the keto plan. Every package and every class is filled with love." 

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