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 Are the seasonal changes getting you down? Are you looking for something that will help ease those allergies with the added benefit of immune support?? Our ready-made Seasonal blend is the perfect fit!

Its elderberry-licious with a tart, floral flavor with a hint of citrus, sweetened with Pearland raw unfiltered honey.

Organic ingredients. Distilled water, elderberries, raw unfiltered honey, rose hips, plantain leaf, ginger, orange peel, stinging nettle, marshmallow root, lemon juice

What is so great about this blend??


Elderberries:  This super berry is packed full of vitamin C, B6, A, Potassium, Fiber, iron, beta carotene and   antioxidants called quercetin and polyphenols. It also has Bioflavonoids like anthocyanins that calm inflammation.


Rose hips: Packed full of vitamin C and antioxidants!


Stinging Nettles:

Contains natural antihistamine. Nettles have been used traditionally in the treatment of respiratory problems and also bring relief from the symptoms of seasonal allergies.


Marshmallow Root:

Contains mucilage, a thick, gluey substance that relieves irritation of mucous membranes, including irritation caused by allergens. Marshmallow root also possesses gentle decongestant properties.



Seasonal Elderberry Syrup

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